February 21, 2018

About Us

In 1998 several community leaders wanted to create a means that would allow people who care about Fostoria to make a lasting investment in their community. So they created the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation (GFCF) to provide an opportunity for those with a sense of community loyalty and pride to make lasting and tangible benefits to their community.

The GFCF operates independently of government or business and its sole objective is to benefit the community.

The Foundation is a collection of individual funds made up of gifts and bequests from individuals, corporations, and other foundations. Gifts can take on many different forms such as cash, retirement plan assets, real estate, life insurance, appreciated securities, personal property and any combination or variation of assets. Since it is a publicly supported, tax-exempt corporation under the IRS Code 501 (c)(3), all gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

The GFCF provides a means of addressing community problems and opportunities by maintaining a broad grant program available to charitable organizations in Fostoria and surrounding areas.

Grants are awarded to a cross section of organizations twice a year. By pooling resources through the Foundation, a gift or bequest of any size makes a difference. Because only income is typically used for grant making, the GFCF provides a permanent resource to support efforts to make life better in our community. Grants are awarded only to nonprofit charitable organizations, tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Foundation is building a permanent endowment to support community needs in areas such as human services, the arts, culture, humanities, economic development, civic affairs, education, health and social services. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1998, more than $2,247,000 in grants have been awarded to local organizations to support their programs and services.

For more information about the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation and how you can support the Foundation by creating your own legacy, please contact Michele Cochran at the Foundation at 121 North Main Street, Fostoria , Ohio 44830-0684 or by calling the office at (419) 435-2823. You can also email the foundation at director@fostoriafoundation.com. Visit Fostoria Community Foundation on Facebook.